Photograph of a photo collage
Handcut archival pigment print, unique, 37.5 × 22 cm

From my series Unsettled Present, this photo collage was constructed from three inkjet prints. I cut through two of the prints in roughly the same line. Then I layer the cut segments on top of the third print to create a kind of unfolding of repetition.

The borders of the collage are formed from the borders of the original prints. They care cut to line up as a single border. It is a single object, after all.

Detail photograph of collage, showing layers of original prints.
Layering hand-cut segments from the original prints.

The layers of cut prints are separated by paper to create depth within the print.

A monochromatic photograph of a mountain side
The original photograph from which the collage was made, taken in September, 2019 just south of Buttermere Lake, in England’s Lake District.