I’ve had the great pleasure of being included in a show opening this Friday, October 9, in western Tokyo. Organized by Jun Murai, Art Range-Social Distancing is showing at three locations over two and a half weeks (details below).

In addition to Jun and myself, the show includes work by Verl Adams, Juan Carlos Pinto, and Nakajima Hitoshi.

Poster for show Art Range-Social Distancing by Jun Murai

I’m showing twenty new prints across all three show locations. The photographs depart from my more typical outdoor subjects. They reflect my copious time spent at home over the past several months, paying attention to my environment. I’m tentatively calling the new collection Sunspots.

Single-Slit Pattern #8, 2020. Available for viewing at Coffee Baisensya.

Locations and Dates

My prints are distributed across these three locations:

Special thanks to Jun Murai for organizing the show and handling all of my prints while I’m stuck in the US. Also, thanks to Georgina Reskala for editorial support!