Our goal is to create an evolving sequence of images where each person makes an image in response to the image that comes before them.

There are ten of us in this activity. I have made an ordered list of everyone’s name.

In the order of the list, each of you will receive a physical print from the person before you in the list. After you have received a print, in response, make a new print of your own. Draw inspiration from the print you received however you choose. Then, mail that new print to the next person on the list.

When the last person sends their print to the person who started the activity, then we will share all of the results with each other.

I will contact each of you individually with the name and address of the person you will be sending your print to. I will randomly choose the person who starts the activity.

I will keep everyone up to date with our progress. We will probably finish after 4-5 months.

Theme: Traces

For this game I’d like to play with the theme of Traces. I am thinking of this theme broadly. For example, memories, markings, notes, tracks, crumbs can all be traces. Interpret the theme loosely when responding to the print that you receive. Take liberties. Have fun.

Print Guidelines

When you receive your print in the mail, please send me a message so I can keep track of our progress.

You may use any photographic medium for your print (digital, analog, color, black and white, etc.). Limit the size of your print to around 8 by 10 in. (20 by 25 cm) or smaller. To keep the game moving, try to create and mail your print within 1-2 weeks. You do not need to use express delivery — standard delivery speed is fine.

Before you send your print in the mail, please produce a digital copy or high-resolution scan.

After you mail your physical print, please send me a message and include the digital copy or scan file.